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Open Door Solutions was established in 2010 with the goal to bring simplicity, reliability, and genuine expertise to what has for years been an unnecessarily complicated and problematic aspect of building construction.

Where General Contractors routinely find themselves frustrated by difficulties related to door hardware and electrified control integration, Open Door provides extensive experience in all aspects of electrified door integration, along with a sense of duty to examine plans closely and point out issues to the client before they become costly delays.

Open Door Solutions can undertake all aspects of complex, controlled and monitored automatic door or gate installation as a sole supplier — eliminating the guesswork and fingerpointing of multiple contractors faced with problems at time of commissioning.

As a result, Open Door Solutions is renowned among its clients for consistently getting the work done properly, on time, and on budget.

Open Door Solutions

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Automatic Systems

Automatic Systems has been a world leader for 50 years in the manufacture and design of secure entrance control for pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access systems.

With offices and factories in 8 locations, including Canada, and installations in 150 countries, Automatic Systems has proven quality, reliability and resilience in the market.

Automatic Systems continues to lead innovation with integrated body temperature, mask wearing verification, audible and visual alarms and messaging to assist combating our latest COVID-19 health crisis.

Click on the link below for Automatic Systems’ full line of innovative products:


dormakaba entrance systems offer high-quality, attractive automatic door options for any design, both new and retrofit applications.

Door styles include swinging, sliding and revolving can be fully automatic or activated by push button, including touchless, or an access control system of your choice.

Swing door operators offer practical solutions to accessibility challenges.

Sliding door operators offer a sleek, clean and welcoming solution to any building.

Revolving doors offer a beautiful, functional and energy-efficient solution.

Click on the link below for dormakaba’s full line of products:

Camden Door Controls

Camden Door Controls is a world leader in door integration and control, with innovative and affordable options to suit all portal configurations. Their focus on long lasting reliability, quality and support for their vast selection of products has made them the manufacturer of choice on countless projects.

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