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Open Door Solutions

By Brian Gold

Open Door Solutions was started in 2010 by Brian Gold with the goal in mind of simplifying what had for years been a complicated and difficult part in construction projects.

Over his 20 years in the Door Hardware and electrified hardware integration industry, Brian found that the multiple trades involved in completing a single portal could get frustrating for General Contractors when it came to commissioning and troubleshooting. With one trade installing frames, another installing the door and hardware, another pulling wiring and then another integrating the system, it was often impossible to tell where a problem had initiated.

This is where Open Door Solutions comes in. As a one-stop-shop, Open Door Solutions does everything involved in taking a portal from an empty frame, to being fully functional and completely integrated with any monitoring or control system. This not only erases finger pointing when there's an issue, but also creates a much more efficient workflow during the project; which translates directly to cost and time savings.


Our Portfolio

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Open Door Solutions proudly supports the following products with professional
installation, integration and maintenance.


Automatic System

Automatic Systems has been designing and manufacturing pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access systems for over 45 years. Our product portfolio includes Barrier Optical Turnstiles, Swing Gates, Tripod Turnstiles, Full Height Turnstiles, Parking, Toll and Perimeter Rising Barriers, Extra-Long and Security Barriers, and Rising Fenced Barriers. The company has a global presence, with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America, as well as a vast international network of distributors. Currently, there are more than 90 million daily users of Automatic Systems equipment worldwide. Automatic Systems is a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group. Visit


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